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Hey Everyone

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Hey Everyone Empty Hey Everyone

Post by Skyver on Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:55 am

...or whoever's left.
As you may know by now, I don't play anymore, because I ran out of money Sad

However, I've been missing you guys quite a bit, I'm going to try and return soon. But what I'd like for us to do is possibly merge with another LS, hopefully one that doesn't have a website. Or, alternatively, recruit more members. It seems as though we have been dying off one by one, and I don't want to see that happen; I've put quite some effort into this thing and I know Tofu and others have as well. I'd love for AR to flourish as a community, FFXI-related or not, so I'd like to get as many people in here as possible. If you're reading this, play the game. Find something you need done. If you need help with it, ask. Everyone is here to help. You just need to get involved. And most importantly: If you see a player without a LinkShell icon above his head, ask him if he needs an LS. Advertise that we're laid back, friendly, etc. We can have a huge community growing here; we just need to spread our wings and ruffle our feathers a bit.

I'll do what I can once I'm back in the game, but I'm leaving it up to you kids to make this place grow. I don't want AR to be a group...I want it to be an army. We've put too much into it to let it die now.

Hey Everyone Dddd10

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Hey Everyone Empty Re: Hey Everyone

Post by Toohotforu on Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:18 am

I think recruiting more members is the ticket but if there is an LS out there that would like to merge with us and grow our little family I would not be opposed. If anyone knows of such a LS please let me know or have their leader contact me in game or post on this board.

I was away for a bit and things slowed down but now that i'm back alot more I'm hoping we can get thing rolling again and have a good time.

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