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CoP: "Want" vs. Want

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CoP: "Want" vs. Want Empty CoP: "Want" vs. Want

Post by Raiendel on Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:50 pm

This is a copied post I made during a CoP topic, hopefully to get members to actually do their CoP, instead of just saying they want to do it.

You'd think with as much as people bitch for help on these missions they'd show. We set it at 9, they log on at 11. Im not gonna be up till 2AM running shit. I usually log for the night between 11:30-12:00. If you guys wanna run it anytime this weekend lemme know, we'll set up a run at a time that MAKES SENSE>

This is exactly what I said, and exactly why I don't usually help with CoP. When people are online, they will bitch, moan, cry, and be assholes to other members over the fact that they need their CoP done. At the mere MENTION of me having Sea like 6 people would say "I need Sea." But when the time comes for the gruntwork, and the schedule is made, people flake. And what annoys me more than the flaking, is the next time they come online, they're going to bitch, and moan, and cry, and be assholes to other members of the fact that they STILL need their CoP done, and will probably repost/comment stating their next day available, like you would actually want to fucking try to group with them again, and when they're the ones that don't have the decency to show up to a run that was scheduled based of their own free time.

So here's what you do.
Don't help them.

I did CoP alone. I used /shout groups from Promy's till the very last mission. I think I grouped with the same person maybe 3 times, but I did a constant onslaught of missions.

I would log on in Whitegate and begin shouts for members of the mission I was on. Bulletins of things to remember.
  1. Do your own gruntwork. I am not going to allow you to stay in my group to do "A few cutscenes" or what the fuck ever you could solo, but haven't because you're too Goddamn lazy. Do it on your free time when your seeking party, or instead of campaigning, or instead of soloing a job that's unimportant. God knows we all have free time in XI, use yours. I cannot tell you how many times I have invited someone to a CoP group only to have them say 5 minutes later, "I need to go get these cutscenes". I immediately kick those people, and they get irritated. "It's just Cutscene's, it'll only take 5 minutes". No, they're CoP cutscenes. Between Travel and the time of the actual cutscene(s) it will take about a half hour. Do it on your own time, not on mine.
  2. Know what the hell is going on. Wiki it. Youtube it. Read up before you start the Mission beforehand so you have the general information on what is going on. This includes having the right items, which includes Foods, Potions (HP and Poison, etc.), Gear, Battle Items (Yellow Liquid/Anima's/Whatever is Needed). Yeah, shit's expensive. But everyone in the group needs to be over prepared for CoP. Because if you aren't prepared enough, any items you do use are going to have been a complete waste of money, as you are going to lose. If you overstock, you can resell them after you Win the mission. If you understock, you can go farm more money for more of the same items to do the same mission yet again because you lost it not being prepared.
  3. Know where you're going. FFXI Atlas - You should have at least a general idea of where you're going. Unless you're the leader, you probably don't have to have it memorized (But the leader will probably have it open during the mission anyway.) but it's important that you know what the hell you're doing. One person not paying attention to the mission while it's happening can completely ruin it. Which brings me to my final point.
  4. Pay a-fucking-ttention. You wanna AFK during a party? Fine. You wanna AFK during Campaign/Besieged? More power to you! You wanna AFK (With or Without a word) during a mission while you're physically doing it? Fuck no. This is the most annoying fucking thing ever, in the creation of annoying things, especially when it's "Just for a second" without a notice, word or warning. Climbing up Promyion-Vhazl and a mob is aggroed on the 3rd floor, so there is a need to kill it, but the tank has gone AFK "Just a Second" on follow on the leading member. The group fights off the threat, but without a Tank, is going down fast. Suddenly, the person the Paladin is following (Without Notification) changes gear to Weapon Skill, unlocking the Paladin and sending him Auto-Running into a giant ass Zone of aggro. Everyone dies, the Paladin in between 3 IT mobs, and a NM. Welcome to you're fucked land, now you have to help the Paladin Reclimb floors 1-3 because his dumb ass went AFK during a fucking mission.

    This is not ok, if you intend to win. And if there are members in the group griping about not winning when you don't, and they have done any or all of the above, then you need to tell them to shut the fuck up and go kill themselves, because they were a contributing factor to why this group failed.

I'm not being mean. I'm being honest. This is the truth. These are all things you should be perfectly aware of, and be able to easily execute if you're paying attention, and not a complete moron.

So, using the above information, make your own groups. Do it everytime you log on. Shout, get peeps, get the Downlow, get them ready, and do the fuckin' mission, one at a time. Finish your battles, get your cutscenes and such, and then start on the next one. Rinse, and repeat. I managed to go through my CoP from start to finish in about 3 weeks, while breaking to do Endgame. God knows, you can probably do it faster.

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CoP: "Want" vs. Want Empty Re: CoP: "Want" vs. Want

Post by Skyver on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:01 pm

Man I'd love to continue CoP. I'm at a point in ZM where it's just fucking stupid, and ToaU, well, it's time for a break from that.

Maybe I'll shout soon to get the stuff done, so I can catch up with everyone.

CoP: "Want" vs. Want Dddd10

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