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AFV2, Do you need it?

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AFV2, Do you need it? Empty AFV2, Do you need it?

Post by Kaipa on Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:20 am

I know that most people have a Dynamis linkshell, and one can only hope that it works out well for them, but some of us haven't been so lucky. Often it seems that you can get mixed up in one that turns out to be a barely disguised dictatorship and then you don't get regular access to the desired zones often enough on top of that. Well, I'm not trying to pull anyone away from a good team that works for them, but I just want to extend an invitation to those interested and in need of a fairly casual, Dynamis ONLY shell that will be starting soon. I'm not going to name the shell that was the source of my angst, but just say that my friend is starting a new one and trying to learn from what seems to work vs. what does not; all to make something that gets us the items we really want, while avoiding the drama of tyrannical personalities at the helm. With that said: here are some basic details and a link if interested.

WHAT: DYNAMIS ONLY ls, focus on Northlands/Dreamlands FARMING runs
REQUIREMENTS: Prefer Northlands/Dreamlands access, lvl 75 job for all events ( Level is required due to smaller groups)
LOTTING SYSTEM: Attendance based point system with allowance for up to 2 lotting choices each run.
ADMISSION PRICE: Free to enter events. Members can sponsor runs & sponsor gets all money drops to reimburse. Eventually a relic pool/ls bank will be developed. Leadership is very flexible on suggestions.
RULES: casual is about fun, after all.


Like I said, is a new ls forming, so everyone starts out on blank slate. /tell Keoni or myself if interested. Looking to keep it a fairly small group, so that the lines aren't terribly long for drops.


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