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Vulpangue - higher lvl help needed~

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Vulpangue - higher lvl help needed~

Post by Tyde on Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:43 pm

So I'm trying to get my hands onto a Karura Hachigane for my SMN. Not sure how many higher level peeps we have here, but I think I'll at least need a 75 PLD. Let me know if anyone can help and I'll set up a day/time ^^

* High base damage. Melee hits can do 200-300 damage, 500 critical hits.

* Can be main tanked easily by a well equipped PLD/WAR using defense armor & food. Melee hits will do only 100~125 damage and Wind Shear only does ~200 points damage.

* Has an extremely powerful Wind Shear. Also adds a heavy Gravity effect.

* As health decreases, Wind Shear damage increases. At high HP, Wind Shear did 700 damage. Around 20% it was inflicting 2000+ damage.Verification Needed
* Highly recommend Damage Dealers use Ninja sub to absorb Wind Shear. Ninja Sub also recommended for mages. Blink and Stoneskin will not save you if he uses Wind Shear close to the mages.
* Because Wind Shear can one-shot a NIN or PLD/NIN, a backup tank can be helpful.
* All melees should stand with their backs to the wall next to the ??? and face East to avoid knockback from Wind Shear. If knockback lands, Weight can be so severe you will not make it back to the monster before its next Wind Shear.

* Also uses Ill Wind. Seems to be more powerful on Darksday. Was doing close to 1500 on that day. On lightsday, and at lower health, it did around 500-700. Other attempts on Darksday have given similar results.
* Uses White Wind to cure itself, more often as its HP decreases. White Wind is AOE and will heal nearby Puks
* Absorbs Elemental Magic matching the day of the week. Drain on Darksday will heal both the caster and the target.

* However, Vulpangue will always absorb Wind Elemental Magic, regardless of the day of the week.
* Level 70 blood pacts will do normal damage being physical no matter the day, however 75 merit blood pacts will heal Vulpangue on the same elemental day

* Immune to Sleep and Gravity.
* Gradually builds resistance to Bind.
* Susceptible to Paralyze, Slow, and Blind.
* Suggested dual Evasion tanks to control TP.
* Accuracy increases as HP decreases - NIN tank reported no evades while mob was at approximately 10%.
* Attack speed increases as HP decreases.
* A 'safe' strategy is to have only 2 ninjas on the puk during the fight (if you have a THF have them hit it and run back) then have a few healers out of Wind Shear range and heal the ninjas.

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Re: Vulpangue - higher lvl help needed~

Post by Toohotforu on Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:43 am

I only have rdm but I'm more then willign to help if you can get some others. Just let me know when as long as its not the 3th and 4th weekend of this month I should be there.

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